Aoa, I want to ask that one propert dealer gave me cheque of 17 lakh in lieu of plots that i booked in a scheme. he did not give me plots neither gave me my money for 6 months. now he give me cheque of 17 lakh which i deposited in HBL gulberg main boulvard branch but that cheque is dis honoured from main bank (bank alfalah kahna nu branch feroze pure road). My HBL gave back me cheque with a dishonour slip. My question is that in which police station, I have to give application for 489-f case? eithergulberg police station bcoz I deposietd it in HBL gulberg and collected it back from it or main kahna nu branch bcoz it was bank alfalah cheque of feroze pur road branch? please guide. thank u

Answer by Lawyer


You can lodge FIR in Gulberg where HBL located. For more detail you can call me at 03110476430. We are Lahore based law firm