Umar waseem

if cheque issued by other person didnot cliam in 1 year and after he claim to civil judge that cheque is bounce like person want to make fraud he got original cheque on same time we give him cash but he didnot return cheque after 1 year he claim for black mailing give 6 lakh afterall he can goto courts for bouncing of cheque even cheque was not bounce. on cheque is written six lakh rupees only but in numbers written 60 lakh where both figures not good, how 0 zero come extra we dont know. also this cheque requires by law extra stamp from bank that bank can block the money and also check id card and put stamp. but in this cheque is only sign , person got money cash on that time 1.5 year before and now he lodge complaint in civil courts.

Answer by Lawyer


i dont know what prevented you to receive back the cheque when you actually had made the payment.. and again not moving the court first to redress your grievance.. but now eventually you have a good case to fight back and even make an aggressive move against your opponent.