Ali Bukhari

Hi there! i am from pakistan and doing graphic design , web site design and online web application development.Recently i have got a business inquiry from a prospect client in the USA.He want to sell the Insurance for them who apply for DV Visa Lottery USA.He is not a consultant but want to just sell the insurance for: lets say 200 $ and people wining DV Visa Lottery will get an amount of 1000$ from him otherwise they wont get any thing if they don't win the DV Visa Lottery. I want to know please: Is it a legal business to sell this kind of insurances online and what license he need.Suppose he is doing an illegal business then as a web designer or service provider for him , what kind of harm i can face??????

Answer by Lawyer


if the master is doing the illegal business than its agent shall be doing the same and may held responsible for his actions and their consequent have to do more checking on account of your principal legality of business ; like the original insurance company and its policy menues and their latitute for their agents and marketing reprsentatives etc what in fact the contract says ?