Two years ago, I had started to work on TV channels. When I got my first Cheque of Rs.26,320, I was amazed to see that income tax had been deducted by the TV channel. I must make it clear that I am not a salaried man, and receive payments after the completion of a project (freelancing). To this date, this tax deduction is going on on every cheque that I ever randomly receive, may it be Rs.8000 or Rs.80,000. NOTE: All payments are made after 6-7 months. So here are my questions: 1. Can tax be deducted from a cheque of a person who is not an employee of an organization? 2. Two freelance co-workers are going to receive payment. What is the percentage of tax that can be deducted from an amount of Rs.66500 and an amount of Rs.80,000 separately? What is the legal percentage? 3. I have been submitting cheques in my account without any documented proof that the TV channel has already deducted income tax. Will the government demand income tax from me again? If yes, then at what amount and how am I supposed to prove that I have already paid my taxes?

Answer by Lawyer


all payments from a registered person is entitled/required to make payments after should have agreed to a contract where a tax free payment would ve been made to you for your services. if your total income per year is crossing the ceiling for tax than , you have to make an account for the income (under all heads). it is advisable to hire an attorney instead of having random advice.